Weslo Cadence G5.9 and R5.2 – Incline Treadmill Reviews

Looking to get back into shape, or to lose a few extra pounds? Maybe you’re tired of sitting all day and you want to begin to incorporate exercise into your routine again. Awesome! Walking is the easiest way to get started exercising and a decent entry-level treadmill like the Weslo G5.9 or the R5.2 can help you.

Weslo Cadence G5 .9 Treadmill

Weslo Cadence G5.9

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Weslo Cadence  R5.2 Treadmill

Weslo Cadence  R5.2

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What is a Weslo Treadmill?

Weslo is a brand name — one of several brands of treadmills on the market today. But what’s different about these guys is that they are part of the Icon Health and Fitness conglomerate – one of the largest manufacturers of home exercise equipment in the world. As a brand, Weslo has become known for producing decent quality and wallet-friendly prices.

Who Makes the Weslo Cadence Treadmills?

Weslo is just one of the brands that fall under the umbrella of the Icon Health and Fitness organization. Icon is a giant in the home exercise equipment industry. They own numerous brands including Proform, Wieder, Healthrider, NordicTrack, as well as many others. Icon has been at it since 1977 when founding partners Scott Waterson and Gary Stevenson launched the company. So it’s no surprise that they’ve since become the market leader. It’s their mission to be “first in fitness” and they certainly have achieved widespread popularity. They offer a diverse range of home exercise equipment including treadmills, ellipticals, stationary bikes, weight benches, home gyms and more.

As treadmills go, the G5.9 model from Weslo is one of the least expensive you’ll find anywhere. But don’t let the low price discourage you from checking out a Weslo machine. You may be as surprised as we were by all this label has to offer, despite the low price point.

What about the warranty? The motor that’s built into the Weslo Cadence G5.9 treadmill is covered under warranty for one full year. All parts that make up the G5.9 model are protected for 90 days. Labor charges are also covered for a period of 90 days.

The differences between the Weslo Cadence G5.9  and the R5.2

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The Basics Of The Weslo Cadence G5.9 Treadmill With Two-Position Incline

Let’s start by taking a closer look at what you get inside the box.

Overall dimensions when fully assembled are stated as 29 inches wide by 55.5 inches high by 64.5 inches long. The weight of the machine itself measures 117 pounds. And the tread surface area measures 16″ x 50″. This is lighter in weight and the tread or track area is somewhat is smaller than the average. But it’s all the other extras it offers that continues to make Weslo a popular choice for beginners.

The Weslo Cadence G5 .9 is designed for users weighing 250 pounds at the most. If you’re teetering anywhere near this capacity, you’re better off choosing a larger machine. but if you’re well under the limit, you should be good to go on the G5.9.

One thing of interest, particularly on a low-cost treadmill is the “Comfort Cell Cushioning” provided. It’s designed to maximize the absorption of each stride as it the foot makes contact with the tread to help prevent stress on the joints like the knees and hips – two areas of susceptibility for most adults these days.While a little smaller than most other brands, any treadmill is still a sizable piece of equipment. But this model features a fold-up design that saves you floor space. So it’s nice to be able to reduce the space it would otherwise occupy when not in use. That’s the value of owning a folding treadmill as opposed to a stationary unit.

Speeds vary from zero up to 10 mph. The G5.9 is powered by a 2.25 continuous horse power Mach Z motor. It also offers heart rate monitoring through the built-in thumb sensor.

It features an LCD display with a bright blue tint. Your workout data displayed includes the quarter-mile track, time spent on the machine, distance traveled, as well as your current heart rate. This is all useful information that shows you where you are in your workout and what you’ve accomplished at any moment during a session.

The Game Changers

But what makes this an exceptional value are the six preprogrammed workouts you get included – at no extra cost. This is huge for a treadmill in the low-priced category. Nobody else gives you this.

Surprisingly, this budget-friendly treadmill also offers two different incline position, though these options need to be manually set. This means that you have to get off the machine and adjust the incline level and then get back on it. It would appear to be an inconvenience to those who are used to having this is an automatic option. But the extra advantage in terms of exercise intensity an adjustable incline provides is huge – whether it’s automatic or manual.

What Customers Love About The Weslo G5.9 treadmill.

Fact is, you just can’t beat the price of the Weslo G5.9. You’re getting good value here because most treadmills in this price range don’t have nearly as many bells and whistles.Bargain price, you’re getting a cushioned tread surface, folding frame design for convenient storage, a more than capable motor, and a decent quality piece of exercise equipment that comes complete with six preprogrammed workouts. Weslo is known for manufacturing decent quality at affordable prices and they do not disappoint with the G5.9

What Some Don’t Like About the Weslo Cadence G5 .9 Treadmill

One complaint among reviewers commenting online is that it seems to be a little on the noisy side. Truth is, every treadmill is somewhat noisy. There’s just no getting around the noise factor when there’s an electric motor involved and your feet are constantly hitting the track.In our testing, we found that the motor itself was fine, just like any other treadmill motor. If you take care of it – it will provide years of service. But it’s not silent. So the noise is just something you’ll have to get used to if you’ve never owned a treadmill before. Not that treadmills are super noisy – they’re not. But they’re not silent either.

Weslo Cadence R5.2 Treadmill Vs the Welso G5.9

Both models (The G5.9 and R5.2)are the same general size. Both offer the same frame, same track and the same six preprogrammed workouts.

But the R5.2 model cost about a hundred dollars more than the G5.9 It does provide a slightly larger motor (.25 CHP more to be exact) than the other model. But my guess is that extra one-quarter horsepower won’t be noticed – and it won’t be missed if you opt for the cheaper model – the Cadence G5.9 So why by the more expensive option when the other will do just fine? Shop around and you’ll find that you won’t get as many options on a treadmill at this price point than you will with the Weslo Cadence. It’s build from solid components – by a firm that knows exercise equipment well. You should feel confident that yours will stand up to your daily exercise programs. If you’ve got more money to spend, than by all means – look at some other options. But if you’re on a budget, Weslo is a name you should strongly consider. The R5.2 is the other model made by Westlo in the budget-priced treadmill market. It too folds up to free up floor space whenever you’re not using it. The tread can be manually adjusted up to about a 15% tilt. Working out on an incline helps you melt off excess weight – without going any faster.

With those six training programs that are included, you’ll be using various speeds and incline settings that are built into the programs – so there’s no guess work involved. Just follow along and get moving.

This is a huge help for anyone hoping to use their new treadmill on a regular basis and reap the rewards like shedding excess fat, toning up those muscles, and feeling great after exercising. It also helps to mix things up. This keeps it interesting as you exercise in different ways. An important point to keep in mind however is this: these low cost machines are designed to be walked on only. This means they are not made for running. You can walk and you can jog. But neither of these treadmills are designed for running. The reason for this is the track is relatively small at 16″ x 50″. And the 2.25 hp motor and 10 mile-per-hour maximum speed is less than ideal for running too.

For walking – even brisk walking – these Weslo machines are wonderful. But keep in mind that’s how it should be used. It’s not a treadmill to purchase if you plan to train for the Olympics. It’s not up to that level of use.

What Customers Like About The Weslo R 5.2

It’s a compact design. This means that when you’re done working out, you can simply fold up the machine and it doesn’t take up a ton of space. It’s also fairly easy to move around – although, some ay it’s not as solid as they’d like it to be. Assembly is easy. If you’ve got basic “handyman” skills, you should have no problem putting it together. In fact, figure on it taking a couple of hours to assemble. This allows for any challenges you may have due to the directions provided – something other Weslo treadmill reviews have stated. Six preset workouts are a huge plus. This helps anybody improve the quality of their treadmill workout – from beginners to more experienced users. The low price point is a huge selling factor.

What Some customers Don’t Like about this model

The frame is fairly lightweight (at about 120 pounds) and can become a little unstable at higher speeds. It has a small track area measuring just 16” x 50”. This is fairly compact – even for smaller than average people. Most standard treadmills built for walking have tracks that measure about 20” x 55”. So yes, this one is small by these standards. Some people say that it’s noisy. Not only are the tracks belts small, but they are thin too. Thinner material usually means that they run a little noisier – particularly at higher speeds. But again, every treadmill make some noise. The manual incline this is inconvenient compared to the automatic options. But compared to the treadmill that has no incline adjustment – this is far superior. If you can afford a treadmill with automatic incline adjustments – go for it. If you can’t – grab this one instead. There are no extra bells and whistles like cooling fans, iPad ports, speakers, or beverage holders. These are options provided with more expensive units and this is a basic treadmill. The warranty is only 90 days which is on the short side as far as warranties go.

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The Verdict

These treadmills are made for beginners who want to walk their way to better health. They’re not made for runners. They should last a reasonable amount of time used as they are made to be used. The low cost provides an easy entry point for those looking to get a treadmill. It’s not going to be the most comfortable walk ever – but it’s more than enough to get you started.

It’s a budget treadmill there’s no doubt about it. But it’s a good one in its class it’s one of the best and definitely worth serious consideration if this is your first treadmill. With all the extras provided – it’s a good deal when you buy it here. Is this the best treadmill out there? No it’s not even close. But then again, you’re not paying $5000 for it either.

Weslo is known for providing a good quality products at bargain basement prices. That’s what you’re getting here. It’s a budget friendly basic treadmill. But it also has some excellent features. Specifically the three weight-loss and three intensity training workout programs included. Each of these ranges from 20 to 40 minutes in length. And having these six workouts goes a long way to helping you make good use of your first treadmill. This is a more than adequate treadmill for home use – for most people. It’s designed for those who want to walk or lightly jog to get into shape. If you want to reintroduce daily exercise into your life, the Weslo Cadence G5.9 is your best bet to do just that. But if you feel that this treadmill does not meet your expectations, and you would need a high end treadmill, then you should check on the The Proform PFTL99715 Power 995i Exercise Treadmill Review