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Fitnessgeartrail.com was made with you the users in mind when it comes to exercise equipment like treadmills, elliptical trainer, stationary bicycles, rowing machines, total gym, just to name a few. Whatever equipment we feature on our website, we must have taken the time to do extensive research and even testing on some of them.

We are your eyes and ears with featured workout equipment on our website. We want to make sure that before buying any of the exercise training gear that we promote, you should be able to get all the facts that you need before making a purchase, thereby eliminating all the guesswork that you might otherwise have had without our reviews.

We want to make sure that information that we feature on our site is not only going to save you some money but will also guide your buying decisions because they will make you a smart and well-informed buyer.

All sound decisions in life are based on sound information and buying an exercise machine is no exception.
We get the facts from industry leaders and transmit them over to you. The are some situations where we will dispell some myths and wrong information about some equipment and we will let you know what the facts are.

We will let you know what works and what does not work as we will be compiling information about different information on a regular basis to provide, reviews, updates, comparison and general information
We are out to help you.

If you find our site helpful when it come to aiding you in your research for an exercise equipment that we have feature, please bookmark our site for future reference so that you can get back to us regularly as we are going to be adding tons of information regarding health and fitness.

We hope this information about us is helpful and encouraging to you. Should you have some more information or question about our reviews of the products we promote, please to no forget to leave us a message at the contact us page