Total Gym 1400 Deluxe Home Fitness Workout Machine Reviews

total gym 1400 deluxe  arm pressThis article is written to provide you with the total gym 1400 deluxe complete body toning workout machine reviews and you will not be disappointed with the amount of information that you are going to get from this article.

It is not surprising that after being used and relied upon by many for several years, the total Gym 1400 has gained popularity. You are going to know about its origin, intended purpose, why it is popular, its pros, cons and price considerations.

You might have seen major TV promotions and endorsements of the total gym by prominent high profile celebrities in the weight training and total body fitness. Although promotions by these stars might be convincing, it is still not enough to throw one’s allegiance into the device knowing that some people promote products because they themselves are popular and the manufacturers of the product just want to ride on their popularity or stardom to sell their product.


The best way to know if a product is what it says it is is to carry out extensive research about the product, but that in and of itself is time-consuming. Your best choice is to read an article like this that provides unbiased reviews about the product some of which come from actual clients who have used a product like the total gym 1400 deluxe.

If you don’t have time to read through, you can just check on the table of content below or just go directly to for more details.

What is the total gym?

Total gym is an exercise product that was developed by Total Gym Incorporated in California in 1974.The purpose of the device was to encourage functional exercise which was a way of mimicking the way the body performs on a day to day basis in terms of movements with and against gravitational force.

As the device became popular, it was noticed and caught the interest of medical professionals and physical therapists alike. It has been around for so many years and used by many that you just have this gut feeling that the product can be trusted.

Chuck Norris Total Gym:

In 1997 a very long time user and prominent fitness actor Chuck Norris, and his co-host Christy Brinkly, were featured on the first TV infomercial and some even call it the Chuck Norris Total Gym. Over thirty million yearly workouts are inspired by total gym and users are continuously motivated into achieving their fitness objectives

It is presently boosting with over 4 million home gym customers worldwide. Although Total gym flourished with its most popular and best-selling models like the Total Gym 1900, Total. Gym 1800 Club, Total Gym Platinum Plus and the Total Gym 1400, this article is going to talk only about the home fitness  total gym 1400 complete body toning workout machine reviews.

Product Description and Features:

  • The Home Fitness Total Gym 1400 Delux brings to your home the flexibility of the gym and provides you with privacy.
    10 to 20 minutes is all it take to give you a total body workout.
  • It simultaneously tones and strengthens the major muscles groups.
  • Comes with more than sixty different workouts on one machine, that range from strength training, cardio and stretching.With the nutritional guide and exercise flip charts and manual, it makes it easy to follow a routine without interruption. Knowing what exercises to perform on your own can be challenging, but the flip charts and instructional manuals can help you overcome them.
  • Even though we are focusing on the total gym 1400 exercise equipment to accomplish this, we should not also forget that exercising and nutrition go hand in hand if you want to maintain good health so the nutritional guide will guide you into selecting the right diet as you exercise.
  • Several add-ons and other accessories are also included in the package to give you more options.
    It has attachments that are multifunctional.
  • It has accessories to do leg pull-ups to strengthen leg muscles.
  • Dip bars for dip exercises to train the triceps.
  • A Squat stand for squat exercises that provide a full body workout that primarily trains the thigh muscles, buttocks and hips.
  • It makes room for different levels of fitness from beginners to advance level and from ages eight to eighty (8 to 80 ).
  • With the Total Body Workout DVD, you will be well guided in your workout routines.
  • Easily and quickly folds for easy storage especially where space is a premium..
  • With eight calibrated levels, you have more options on your routines.
  • Arrives in your home fully assembled.
  • Assembled dimensions: 92.5 inch Length x 16 inch Width x 43.25 inch Height.
  • With a weight limit of 250 pounds, it can meet the needs of most people.
  • It weighs 75 pounds which mean you have to be careful when lifting the equipment.
  • Comes with a One-year manufacturer warranty against product defectsYou might want to secure the quality of your floor by purchasing two rubber mats. You would not want to ruin your floor or carpet.


Space saver:
Since the machine can be folded and stored it provides and saves much-needed space. If one is living in a small apartment or set it up in a room, it would be easy to use it and put it away for storage, when not in use.

Wide age range and Fitness levels.

Because it accommodates different fitness levels from newbie to professionals and different ages from 8 years to 80 years, it makes it very versatile to be used by many.

As a versatile exercise equipment, it replaces some other equipment that would have been purchased to obtain desired results. With over sixty different exercise workouts that can be performed with this home gym equipment, you can be sure to workout and tone every body muscle group.


This exercise machine has very few cons to the best of my knowledge. The most common one being the rollers getting damaged. This complaint usually came from newly shipped items as they arrive, so you should check yours immediately you receive it to see if the rollers are damaged.

With a one year warranty, a replacement would not be a problem but this is highly unlikely because a majority of the users did not have this problem when their machine arrived. Just as I have written my exhaustive review about this equipment, I have also summarized above some reviews from actual users of this product.

About Positive customer reviews.

On the whole, most of the reviews about this product have been very positive. With a product that has over 90 percent five-star rating(4.5 out of 5) with 157 reviews, it means the product has minimal dissatisfaction. If they have 157 reviews, it means that possibly hundreds of people have bought and did not care to write reviews.

I bet you that if they were not satisfied, they would have come to write a negative review. How do I know that? I sell my own products on a and with the thousands of products that I sell, I get a lot of positive reviews but those that are most likely to come back are those that have a complaint about the product.


About negatives customer reviews.

Back in 2013, a few customers provided some negative reviews about the product most of which had to do with the roller being broken when they received their total gym. Although this problem has been rectified by the manufacturer, as with every product there is bound to be some complaint or defect rate. But his product has very few. Of the 157 review, only a handful have negative reviews.

folding total gym deluxe Folding and unfolding home fitness total gym deluxe 1400

Some users have written genuine concerns about the machine when it comes to folding and unfolding as this needs special care. They say that it can hurt your fingers but the trick is that you have to do it very slowly as the first few times would present some challenges but after a while, and with practice, you can fold and unfold in less than 5 minutes.

To avoid any problems, and assuming that you have space, it is recommended that you create a space that you can utilize for your exercise and just leave the machine there. But is space is a concern, you should make
sure that before you make any attempt to buy, you should check the machine dimensions, and then see if you can mount it and still have enough room for exercise with the machine in place.

The cost of total gym 1400 deluxe.

It is just over $300. Most of the people who have purchased the equipment have been satisfied with the price especially compared to other equipment that can provide similar or even a lot less functions. Also coming from a reputable manufacturer even makes the price point more appealing knowing that you are getting a quality product and if anything goes wrong with it, you are sure to have it replaced within the warranty period. If you are looking where to buy this machine, you should check on The best total.

Where to get the best total Gym price.

There several locations where you can buy the total gym but the place to get the best total gym price is online and in When buying online and with, buy from amazon gives you the best deal including shipping which must be a concern when buying a bulky product as it might cost a lot to ship to your home.

My verdict.

These total gym 1400 deluxe complete body toning workout machine reviews have provided you as the reader all the information that you to access the value of this workout equipment. It is an all-in-one workout machine you can count on when it comes to machines that can produce results.

Whether your desired goal is to lose weight, workout your triceps, shoulder, biceps, legs, upper or lower body
workouts, the total gym 1400 deluxe can satisfactorily meet the challenge of satisfying a solid workout
performance to all your muscle groups and all these can be accomplished with just a daily exercise of 10 to 20 minutes.

Because it can be calibrated to meet different demands, your workout can be taken to a
different level if you so desire. Being suited for all fitness level and a vast age range, and up to 250-pound weight limit, it is an equipment that can serve a wider range of the population including you.