Bowflex Selecttech 552 Adjustable Dumbbells Workout Machine Review

Bowflex SelectTech 552 dumbbells setThis Bowflex SelectTech 552 adjustable dumbbells review is intended to provide you as a reader and unbiased complete analysis of this workout equipment. This would enable you to get all the information that will allow you to make an informed decision on whether to consider including these dumbbells as part of your exercise gadgets. By the end of this article, you will be able to understand pros, cons, available workouts and other necessary information from actual users.

The subtitles of this article are written in questions and answer formats so that if you just want to find a particular answer to your question, you can just click on the table provided to find your question as a subtopic, with answers below. But it will be beneficial if you can read the entire article as this will enable you to get all the facts about this equipment, some of which have not even be mentioned by the manufacturer.

What are dumbbells used for?

The purpose of dumbbells are basically for strength training and muscle toning exercises in other to build lower and upper body through the use of lifting.

What are the BowflexselectTech 552 dumbbells?
Do you love doing exercises and you are someone who is looking for a more convenient way to do your exercise routines at home? Are you having problems having enough room in your home to set up a lot of equipment to satisfactorily do a variety of strength training exercise routines? Then the BowflexselectTech 552 dumbbells are what you need. They are made of the combination of individual weights that can be easily selected through the use of a unique system. This design makes this equipment to be one of the most versatile and space-saving weight training equipment as it involves a variety of weights to meet different demands by changing the resistance level of the weights from 5 to 50 pounds, thus the name 1052 dumbbells.

Why do most people prefer adjustable weight dumbbells?

If you are someone who has been using dumbbells in the past for either strength training or weight lifting, or for any other reason, you must be familiar with the fact that in other to achieve your goals, you have to use a variety of fixed dumbbells of different weights. This means that during your exercise routines, you have to use different sizes and weights of dumbbells to achieve your goals especially if the routine requires you to use different weights. This means that you have to acquire several fixed dumbbells or a set of adjustable dumbbells which comes as a single unit.

If you have to acquire several fixed dumbbells to meet your intended goals, it might cost you a chunk of change. Not only that, the cost of the individual dumbbells can add up, but that is not the case with adjustable dumbbells.


BECAUSE most muscle toning exercise routines require the use of a variety of dumbbell weights, using an adjustable set of dumbbells gives you an advantage of being able to instantaneously selects the required dumbbell that will be suitable for your particular exercise routine. Adjustable dumbbells are used by selecting the required weight through a mechanical, dial action, or magnetic action, all of which are effective but the dial action dumbbell is the most favored, and that is the technology used in designing BowflexselectTech 552.

Bowflex SelectTech 552 dumbbells and baseHow do they differ from the traditional dumbbells?

One: space efficiency

Since these adjustable dumbbells are able to be used to meet a variety of weight requirements, they have an upper hand in terms of space because very minimal spaces required, as the dumbbells come as a single unit with a method that gives the user the ability to select a single or a number of dumbbell weights for a particular routine, thus providing its owner with a space-saving option of just putting it under the bed, or just put it on one side of the room.

What is included in the package of these selectable weight dumbbells?

Just like the 1090, one the advantage that the 552 dumbbell has is that it comes with a four step DVD training guide that can get you to a quick start so that you should start your routines with good exercise habits which may not be helpful if you have to improve on your training goals. Without the DVD, and as a newbie, you might not be able to use the equipment to its full advantage in order for you to get an effective outcome. But with the DVDs you can be rest assured that your training can start in good footing right from the get-go.

You can greatly improve your strength training and muscle toning workouts by utilizing exercise training guide that comes with this equipment, as it has 60 programs that can accelerate your results to a new level.


What are the main things to consider prior to purchasing the dumbbells?

Are there any cost concerns?

Adjustable dumbbells simply quite pricey than traditional dumbbells and for good reasons. Just for the fact that they are designed to take the place of a whole lot of individual dumbbells, is a major advantage couple with the ability to perform a variety of exercises using different weights at the same time changing the instantaneously, and should be considered as a major factors in deciding whether to buy the adjustable dumbbell set or.

Also, consider that the results that you will get from these dumbbells are comparable to results that you can achieve in a gym setting because they are easy to operate and they have an instant choice selection.

But if price is your only or major concern, then you should opt in for a single transition dumbbell that are less pricey but you would have to get a lot of them to perform the same routines. If you try to purchase a single dumb bell you would find out that it might cost you about $45.00 for the cheapest one. Just do the math and see how much money you would spend to match the number of dumbbells that come with the 552.
You should know that certain exercise routines cannot perform using different sets of fixed dumbbells because of the nature of the exercises require. But with the selectTech 522 you can obtain greater success just for the fact that it can meet the demands of certain programs like the P90 X that would require that weights and on a constant basis, and going to the fact that I be so dumb best can be used to create of offset resistance as the different ends can be offloaded thus providing a more effective exercise routine.

What are some of the precautions to be taking during operation?

When you purchase this product, it belongs to you and to no one else and as such, it needs to be taking good care of. After investing a lot of money in purchasing this item it is very necessary for you to be careful on how you use it to keep it from getting damaged. One of the most common practices that people do with dumbbells especially in the gym setting is that they are being dropped regularly and this causes the dumbbells to malfunction because you have moving parts. These dumbbells come with their manufacturer’s instruction specifically with a warning sticker that precludes dropping.

These dumbbells are designed to work flawlessly that can sometimes malfunction because of the carelessness of its users. One of the precautions to take to make sure that the dumbbells fit nicely in their place as not doing so might create a problem with their system has some people have already complained. Placing the dumbbells in their rightful place is even more crucial towards the end of a difficult routine when the hand gets tired.
Is there a need for a bench when working with dumbbells a Mark?

It’s possible to have an effective workout without the bench using the bow flex 522 but using a bench is very advantageous and very helpful because dumbbell is going to assist you in making your exercise routines a lot more comfortable and less stressful. A workbench can help you to have more flexibility in your workouts as the degree of bending will be limited to the type of workout that you perform and not because you want to bend down to pick up the dumbbells. You can use the bench for certain postures and workout routines that will not be possible without a bench,

What about the noise?

There is usually a level of noise that is being generated when metal parts like weights come in contact with one another
. Greatest concern during the workout with dumbbells especially dumbbell sets is to avoid high noise levels and you should know if that is the case with the selectTech 522 dumbbells.
High noise levels can be very annoying when you performing an exercise in a quiet environment especially if you are leaving in an apartment building, or when noise has to be kept to a minimum.

Compared to traditional dumbbells,selectTech 522 does not make very disturbing noises because their design involves the use of more moldings that prevent them from banging and making noise. It is even more convenient for you to purchase the dumbbells along with a stand.

What is the weight range of the BowflexselectTech 522?

This machine can be used by both the beginner and the professional athlete. But if this one of the best weightlifting equipment for newbies and beginners because it has a weight increment of 2.5 pounds. This makes it easy for anyone who wants a gradual increase in their exercise routine. This is good especially for those who just want to have muscle toning and not weightlifting which requires heavy weights and heavier weight increase.

But if your desire is to have an increase in the amount of weight you want to lift, then you should consider the BowflexselectTech 1090 which has a weight limit of 90 pounds. Just as with 10 pounds and goes up to 90 pounds within tampons increase. This would be ideal for a weight lifter.

How easy is it to adjust and use?

Just like the 1090 BowflexselectTech, the 522 is very easy to adjust and use. The unique dining system implemented by both flex makes using this equipment a breeze. The weights can be changed in a dime by using Bowflex state of the art dial system that is Incorporated in the device, that makes it possible to easily dial in any weight from 2.5 pounds weight increase up to 25 pounds, on 10 pounds increments thereafter up to 50 pounds.
How these functions is that in each dumbbell handle is built with a weight and bracket system that allows the dial settings to regulate the weights being selected. Meanwhile, physicality Attached to the inside of the handles are the weight plates

How it functions is that the selection of the desired weight say 40 pounds is essentially achieved by weight plates that will be needed to make up 40 pounds being grabbed by the brackets and at then locked onto the handle.

All that will be required is pulling away the dumbbell out of its cradle, and you are ready for your workout.

Recommended Workouts:

Workout A:

Bowflex 552 dumbbells bench workoutBent over Row
Bench Press
Chin up
TSC Neck Extension
Standing Press
Stifflegged Deadlift
TSC Neck Flexion
Weighted Crunch
Wrist Extension
Wrist Curl


Bowflex 552 dumbbells quad workout

Workout B:

One Legged Calf Raise (R/L)
Incline Press
Parallel Bar Dip
underhand grip row
Sissy Squat
Weighted Wrist Crunch (R/L)
TSC Neck Lateral Flexion (R/L)
Technical details

Minimum weight 2.5 pounds
maximum weight 50 pounds
number of weight settings: 17
shipping weight: 150 pounds

The Bowflex SelectTech 522 performs really well. The Bowflex company is a very well renowned exercise equipment manufacturer and easily determine the needs of its users and came up with a high-quality product that has gained popularity. They have to use high-quality products. High-strength materials have been used to securely lock the bracket system when in use.

To make it more durable, some form of plastic liner coating nas been used which does not only add to its durability it also is able to aid the in the movement of the weight plates next one another. This is very necessary due to the fact that when the weight settings can being changed, the dumbbells are designed to slide from the cradle during and after workout. These aids in the noise reduction levels also.

A disadvantage of this multi-weight dumbbell is the dial system that is being implemented in its mechanism. Moving parts involved special care needs to be implemented to make sure that dumbbells and not dropped on the floor during or after exercising as this is bound to impede the way the dumbbells function.

There has been some change in design from the 2008 model and now uses metal tabs to lock the plates into place making it very sturdy, although it still not recommended to drop them down like traditional dumbbells. It also has a very good handle that provides a nice feeling on your palms as you take a firm grip.

Manufacturers of products will always say positive things about their products because the main purpose is to sell. But the best way to determine if a product worth its weight is to read reviews about the product from actual users because the information that would be revealed to you by the actual users is likely going to be different from that of the manufacturer.

Although some of the consumer concerns have been mentioned in this Bowflex SelectTech 522 dumbbells review, it is best for you to read the reviews made by these users yourself in order to evaluate whether this is they product that you would want to invest in. You can find some of the reviews in

Where Can You Buy the Bowflex SelectTech 522 Dumbbells?

You have several options where you purchase this exercise equipment that the most likely place where you can get great deals is on Buying anything online comes with some advantages the most of which is just go to your computer and the click of the mouse you make a purchase and the product arrives at your doorstep a few days later. You can get the Bowflex selectTech 522 at this time at about $250. A pair of its can cost you over $500 which is still a great bargain considering that product is good quality and durable. You can even get it cheaper sometimes because the price fluctuates based on the market condition.
Shipping is always a concern when you buy any product line and should always be taken into account when making any online purchase decision. But buying from Amazon can have the advantage of not paying for shipping especially if you enroll in the Amazon prime program as free shipping is included in every shipment.


It is my hope that you have been provided with some good information on this Bowflex SelectTech 522 dumbbells review. There are a few things I have found very attractive in this equipment which stand out compared to other types of dumbbells especially the traditional single dumbbell.

They use minimal space allows you to have your gym set up in an area with minimal space availability, they include dumbbells of various weights, all in one unit allowing you to make an instant selection just by the touch of a dial, making it possible to perform a variety of routines that include the ability for you to create quick offset weight lifts, as might be required in some routines, all with a single equipment in your hand.

If after reading thisBowflex SelectTech 522 adjustable dumbbells review and you find that you have received the answers to most of your questions and you are sure that these heavy leg lifts, basic muscle toning, and strength exercise machine is for you, you should check the link below and head to Amazon to make the purchase.