10 Effective Science-Backed Ways To Boost Your Metabolism Naturally

boost metabolismMetabolism is the way the body burns and uses calories as fuel. One of the keys to health fitness and One of the keys to health fitness and weight loss is the way your body deal with metabolism.Metabolism is the way the body burns and uses calories as fuel.

It is the process (a collection of chemical reactions) by which the body gets, as it breaks down the food we eat into nitrogenous organic matter and converts the food into energy that it needs to power up everything that we do from moving to growing up.

It is a vital and continuous process for all life forms that begins as soon as life begins and only ends when life ends.The metabolic rate is related to the speed at which the body burns calories.

The metabolic process is divided into two main categories: The breaking down of organic matter by cellular respiration, a process known as catabolism, which releases energy, and the building up of cell components such as nucleic acids and protein, anabolism, which consumes energy.

Your metabolic rate is the amount of calories you burn and the higher this rate the more the
calories you burn and the more you can lose weight and keep it off. The only problem is that you
are metabolism starts to slow down as you get older.

By the age of 30, it starts slowing down at the rate of 5% a year which means that you can consume the same amount of calories that you used to consume when you were younger only to find out that you go shopping and fit into a size 10 when you used to put on size 8 when you were younger.

Since it is vital that you burn fat regularly to lose and maintain your weight, here are 10 easy and science-backed ways to boost your metabolism naturally to burn fat.

1. Drink a lot of cold water.

drink cold waterThose who are used to drinking water as opposed to drinks that contain sugar have known to lose more weight and keep it off than People who drink water instead of sugary drinks are more successful at losing weight and maintain it. (2, 3, 4, 5, 6).

The reason is that sugary drinks contain calories and if they are be replaced’s by water, it would eventually reduce your caloric intake. Drinking water, however, would temporarily speed up your metabolism.

Drinking of water has the ability to boost the way your body burns fat. Studies have shown that drinking about 7oz of water can increase a person’s metabolic rate by 10 to 30 percent for about an hour. 7, 8.

The benefits of burning calories can even be great if one drinks cold water because the body would have to generate energy to heat it up to its required temperature. 9, 10

Since water can take up space in your stomach and fill you up, studies have revealed that when
you drink water in half an hour just before eating, it can help you to eat less. 11, 12, 13

People who have an increase in muscles mass, rather than fat, usually turn to boost their resting metabolism making the body to burn more calories and that is why it is recommended that you add weight lifting in your exercise routines. Building muscles can help you to burn more calories each day even when resting. ((14, 15, 16, 17 18)

It is always recommended to have an exercise regime with different routines to be in shape and for better health. You can do so by doing some  home  fitness workout . For weight training, your can use hand weights to do typical routines like bicep curls.

Since a reduction in muscle mass can lead to a reduction in metabolic activity in your body, it is vital that you retain muscle mass by constantly lifting weights.

In one study by the Department of Human Studies at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, which involved two groups of women, forty-five overweight women were placed on a diet to consume eight hundred calories daily with no exercise involved. while other were allowed to do resistance training exercise.

After the diet, those who were allowed to do resistance training did maintain their muscle mass, strength and metabolism, But the others who did no form of exercise lost their muscle mass and also experienced some reduction in their metabolism. 19

3. Stand up regularly.

It takes muscles to stand. That is why when someone is sick they can hardly stand because of muscle inactivity. When you stand, you burn more calories than when you sit which means the metabolic process becomes more active when standing than sitting.

Very long periods of sitting can actually lead to weight gain because when you stand, no work is done but just by standing you can burn up to 174 calories 20.

It is a good idea and practice to stand for a short period of time. Even at work, try to break up your time between sitting and standing to take advantage of this process. It will not be a bad idea to invest in getting a standing desk if you cannot take rest breaks.  (21, 22, 23, 24)

4. Eat plenty of protein based foods.

protein foodYou can boost your metabolism for a few hours by eating food especially protein foods. This is effective because as you eat, the extra calories consumed require absorption, digestion, and processing of the nutrients in your food. This is known as the Thermic effect of food (TEF)
Compared to other nutrients like carbohydrates and fats, protein, commands the largest increase in (TEF) by increasing your metabolic rate by 15 to 30% as opposed to 5 to 10% for carbs and 0 to 3% for fats (25).

The consumption of protein has shown to have some effects on suppressing hunger by making one feel full after eating and thus preventing overeating. (26,  27  28  29,  30, 31, 32).

Also, consumption of more protein can affect a reduction in your metabolism which is usually associated with fat loss. This is because it’s in the prevention of muscle loss usually caused by lack of muscles which is associated with the side effects of dieting. (33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38)

5. Drink Green Tea

green teaOne of the easiest ways to spike your metabolism is by drinking green tea. A study that was reported in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition they found out that green tea extract does increase metabolism by percent over a twenty-four hour period.
Green tea has been known to increase the rate of metabolism by about 4 to 5percent. 39, 40

Green tea has also been effective in slowing down the movement of glucose into the fat cells, and support healthy glucose level after a meal, and thus preventing a spike of insulin levels, prevents fat storage, and appetite reduction.

It Helps to convert some of the fat that is stored in the body into free fatty acids, which helps to increase the fat burning process by about 10 to 17%.  41,

Being very low in calories, green tea is recommended for weight loss and maintenance.

A decrease in the metabolism creates a dreaded weight loss plateau and it is thought that the metabolism boosting properties of green tea can help to prevent this plateau.

Some studies, however, revealed that green tea does not affect metabolism and therefore the effects may actually be too small or may only work for some people. 42, 43

It does contain both EGEG (epigallocatechin gallate) and caffeine. these two components puttogether not only help  with fat burning but also help to increase metabolism.

6. Perform High-Intensity Training

HIITtrainingHigh Interval intensive training (HIIT) which is a form of cardiovascular exercise is accomplished
by giving out 100 percent of your effort (intense burst f exercise) for a short period of time, followed by a less intense recovery period. This helps to burn more calories (increase metabolism), even after the workout is over, and keep your heart rate up. It helps to burn fat.
(44, 45, 46, 47, 48)

One study carried out by the School of Medical Sciences Faculty of Medicine of the University of New South Wales in Australia. showed that overweight men who did twelve weeks of HIIT did reduce fat mass by 2(kg) 4.4 pounds and belly fat by 17 percent 49,

7. Sleep very well at Night

Sleep plays a very important role in regulating appetite and metabolism. One of the risk factors
associated with obesity among young adults is sleep deprivation. 50, 51

Two hormones are involved in controlling appetite and increase energy. Leptin and ghrelin. Leptin is a hormone that is released by adipose tissue and it’s the hormone that inhibits appetite and increases energy expenditure, while ghrelin is the hormone that is released to increases appetite, as it is thought to signal the brain for hunger. (52, 53, 54).

It is not surprising that many people that struggle to lose weight and also be deprived of sleep.

8. Eat spicy foods.

Spicy foods and known to heat you up, and there also a long Believe that it can speed up metabolism. Various studies over the years have examined this belief and suggest that in indeed some spices can actually increase metabolism when the race the body temperature, but it is unclear for how long and to what extent this can occur.

The problem is that most people cannot tolerate eating these spices at the doses that are required to give them some significant results 55

Spicy dishes with Chile that contains capsaicin which gives it its strength of hotness, generates a lot of the heat which can help to burn more calories and most metabolism by about 8% over and individual’s number rate. Foods like ginger and black pepper have similar effects. 56

9 . Use coconut oil in place of cooking fats

coconut oilCoconut oil contains medium chain fat which helps to increase metabolism. Coconut oil is about 2/3 medium-chain fatty acids (MCFAs), which is also called medium-chain triglycerides or MCTs Medium-chain triglycerides .(MCTs) are triglycerides whose fatty acids have an aliphatic tail of 6–12 carbon atoms. The fatty acids found in MCTs are called medium-chain fatty acids (MCFAs). Coconut oil is nature’s richest source of these healthy MCFAs.

These types of fatty acids produce a whole host of health benefits. Unlike long-chain fats like butter. Medium chain fats do create an increase in metabolism as opposed to long-chain fat (57, 58, 5960, 61).

One research study carried out and published by the Am J Clin Nutr. showed an increase of 12 percent metabolism increase on medium-chain fats as opposed to 4 percent on long-chain fats (62).

Because coconut oil has a high and unique fatty acid profile, it is a good idea to replace some of the other different types of cooking fats with coconut oil because it has modest benefits.

10. Drink coffee

Studies have revealed that drinking coffee can have a positive effect on calorie burning and metabolism. 63, 64, 65
Caffeine stimulates thermogenesis which is one way that the body uses to generate heat from food digestion.

This is more effective on lean people. In one study by the Institute of Physiology at the University of Lausanne in Switzerland. Coffee was shown to increase fat burning by 29 percent for lean women but just 10 percent for obese women. 66

Also, the effect that coffee has on fat burning and metabolism can explain why it may also be very successful in contributing to weight loss.

Final thoughts.

You have been given 10 Effective Science-Backed Ways To Boost Your Metabolism Naturally.

If you make some lifestyle changes by applying these tips in your life, you are going to increase your metabolism.

The good news is that with a higher metabolism you would be able to lose weight and maintain it including an added advantage of having more energy.